Stop Ebola


Let us show the world that we can help our brothers and sisters in the African countries affected by the Ebola pandemic. We have already started to make a small difference with our limited resources, and we are counting on you to help us expand our reach to encompass more of the affected groups, particularly orphaned children.

A staggering number of children are left orphaned after their parents/guardians fall victim to the Ebola pandemic. Family members and others then scorn these children, unaware that they present zero risk to anyone without symptoms of the disease.

Our plan to help displaced children is two-fold:

1. Provide water, food, shelter, and other necessities for the orphans
2. Educate communities about Ebola
a. Radio ads
b. Print literature

Yes, we can collect supplies. Yes, we can raise funds to help orphans. Yes, we can deliver on our promise!

Please Contact Us to learn how you can make a difference, or visit our Online Store to support us.