What We Do

1. We secure a date and launch shoe donation drives two or three times a year, in schools, religious centres, communities halls and other drop-off points.
2. We take calls from donors or through emails and Facebook in support of our donation drive, encourage them to secure drop-off locations at their places of worship, schools, community buildings, offices, homes and other facilities for our representative to collect the shoe donations.
3. We also encourage our donors to help towards cover the collection and shipment costs with any financial donation even if it’s a dollar $ 1.
4. We take the donations to rented storages and ship them to our main warehouse in New York to process for shipment to Africa.
5. We would send thank you messages to all our donors
6. We would announce the result of each shipment to our donors and future donors
7. Our coordinators in Guinea, Sierra Leone and the Gambia would supervise the clearing of the shipment and load the shoes into vans and ship them to various destinations in schools and villages in remote areas some of which are only accessible by driving through terrible dirt roads and or boats where the shoes are given out to individual children, teachers, parents and other villagers.
8. We also organize Social Trips to Africa for any of our volunteers or donors to show them how their donations make a real difference in the lives of poor people.